A little about me.

    My name is Paul Drgos Jr. I am running for Congress in Maryland’s 3rd district. I have worked as a computer programmer for the last 20 years. For the last 8 years I have been working at a leading software company based in Beltsville, MD. I am a single father of 4 children. I have 3 boys ages 19, 10 and 8, and 1 girl who is 7. My eldest son has recently started working with me. I am a hard worker, but I also try to find as much time as possible to spend with my children. I have spent the majority of my life living in the Pasadena area of Anne Arundel County. I graduated from Chesapeake High School and still live in Pasadena. I had been a life long Republican, but over the past few years have found myself at odds with the party’s positions. I believe in a smaller government. Republicans claim to want smaller government, but they seem to forget this pledge when it comes to individuals’ civil liberties.
    I became engaged with Politics at a relatively young age. I found myself discussing the issues of the time with friends and family in my later teen years and my early 20’s. At 25, I ran and was elected to the Chesterfield Home Owners Association Board of Directors. On the Board of Directors I learned Parliamentary procedures and had to make tough decisions for the greater good of the community. I also learned to weigh complicated financial situations. When I served on the board, we were able to accomplish the tasks of the community without raising community dues.
    The reason I have decided to run is because of the grave danger that our nation faces. The two major political parties ignore these dangers. The United States is imploding. The politicians in this country are creating a financial burden so big that our great grandchildren will be paying for it. During the campaign, I plan to reach out to the community. I wish to spread my ideas as well as the ideas of the Libertarian Party. The tenets of small government offer benefits to all Americans.
Thank You for your support!


    Gary Johnson 2012